Vaccination Policy

Last updated 20 Feb, 2024


Cassowary Digital is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, clients, and visitors. This policy outlines our approach to vaccinations in accordance with industry standards.

Policy Statement

  1. Vaccination Encouragement:

    • Cassowary Digital strongly encourages all employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and other preventable diseases.

    • We believe that vaccination is a critical tool in safeguarding public health and preventing the spread of contagious illnesses.

  2. Voluntary Vaccination:

    • Vaccination is voluntary, and employees have the right to make their own informed decisions.

    • Cassowary Digital respects individual choices regarding vaccination.

  3. Education and Awareness:

    • We provide educational resources to employees about the benefits of vaccination.

    • Regular communication ensures that employees stay informed about vaccination updates and guidelines.

  4. Health and Safety Measures:

    • Regardless of vaccination status, all employees must adhere to health and safety protocols, including mask-wearing, social distancing, and hand hygiene.

    • Cassowary Digital maintains a clean and sanitized workplace environment.

  5. Accommodations:

    • Employees who are unable to receive vaccinations due to medical reasons or sincerely held religious beliefs may request reasonable accommodations.

    • Cassowary Digital will engage in an interactive process to explore suitable alternatives.

  6. Confidentiality:

    • Cassowary Digital respects employee privacy. Vaccination status remains confidential.

    • We do not disclose individual vaccination information to other employees or external parties.

  7. Travel and Client Interactions:

    • Employees traveling for work or interacting with clients must follow relevant vaccination guidelines.

    • Compliance with local regulations and client requirements is essential.

  8. Monitoring and Updates:

    • Cassowary Digital monitors vaccination trends and updates this policy as needed.

    • We adapt to changing circumstances and industry recommendations.


  • Cassowary Digital’s HR department oversees the implementation and communication of this policy.

  • Employees are encouraged to consult with HR for any vaccination-related questions or concerns.